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LS Dreams
LS Dreams Issue-01 (Short Skirts)

So, please welcome the First Issue of LS Dream project! The idea of creation a site which would be devoted to little cute school girls was disscussed and proposed hundreds of times! So longed for, so desired dream of seeing beautiful lolitas dressed in usual school closing and outfits. Do you remember your school years when a girl of your dream would kind of accidentaly let you take a glance at a place under her skirt? And do you remember that filling? Do you remember how happy and at the same time amazed you were? We'll try to remind you those feelings and dreams!

[Image: Short_Skirts.jpg]

LS Dreams Issue-01 (Short Skirts) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Dreams Issue-01 (Short Skirts).part1.rar - 1024.0 MB

LS Dreams Issue-01 (Short Skirts).part2.rar - 1024.0 MB

LS Dreams Issue-01 (Short Skirts).part3.rar - 251.7 MB
LS Dreams Issue-02 (First Try)

We are happy to announce the issuance of new eddition of LS Dreams project! This issue is featuring young and astonishingly beautiful lolitas, who are making first steps in their model careers and take part in first their shoots and castings. Moreover, little girls start realizing the power of their beauty and new ways of amusement and how can their bodies bring pleasure to them. One may call it "First experience"... This is so fascinating, so astonishing! While discovering their bodies the looks and faces of these little women change every minute, every second! Come on in and look how a bud develops into a beautiful flower!

[Image: frist_try.jpg]

LS Dreams Issue-02 (First Try) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Dreams Issue-02 (First Try).part1.rar - 1024.0 MB

LS Dreams Issue-02 (First Try).part2.rar - 1017.3 MB
LS Dreams Issue-03 (Home Alone)

Home Alone videos presents you a great opportunity to spend these spring nights in a company of beautiful lolitas, who kindly agreed to open a curtain and to show you the way their home parties are being held. No limits, no restrictions! Can you imagine what kind of things can girls do during such parties? We bet, that you have no idea! And this is a great chance to show and appreciate every minute of unforgettable video featuring young astonishing babes during their "unlimited opportunities and experience" weekend.

[Image: home_alone.jpg]

LS Dreams Issue-03 (Home Alone) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Dreams Issue-03 (Home Alone).rar - 1.4 GB
LS Dreams Issue-04 (Pandora's Box)

Please accept this charming bouquet of blooming incomparable flowers - our entrancing lolitas. We hope, that this inflammable mixture of absolutely different girls and bright personalities of each young lady will capture your attention and you won't be able to think about anything else. Impressive video won't calm you down! Sensible and arousing appearances of these divine creatures will definetely bring you extreme excitement. Don't you think that nothing can be compared with this pure and natural joy?

[Image: pandora_box.jpg]

LS Dreams Issue-04 (Pandora's Box) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Dreams Issue-04 (Pandora's Box).rar - 852.4 MB
LS Dreams Issue-05 (Sweethearts)

For those who loves and appreciates the beauty of very young and defenceless lolitas we created this issue of LS Dreams! Our little darling prepaired several surpireses for you and we are sure that you will love this issue! If you don't believe us, just take a look! They look so innocent and at the same time so alluring! These little temptresses are too young to know that their charms and appearance are their power! They just live their simple lives full of different little adventures!

[Image: sweetheart.jpg]

LS Dreams Issue-05 (Sweethearts) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Dreams Issue-05 (Sweethearts).part1.rar - 1024.0 MB

LS Dreams Issue-05 (Sweethearts).part2.rar - 1024.0 MB

LS Dreams Issue-05 (Sweethearts).part3.rar - 156.8 MB

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