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LS Island / LS Land
LS Land Issue-28 (Fairy Garden)

Wholeheartedly we invite you to enter our Fairy Garden! This is a place where one should forget about worries and problems, where Joy and Happiness rule! Smiling faces of these little, but absolutely fantastic girls will illuminate your life and their precious treausures will become the sense of your life.. Their silly games will make you laugh all the time, but at the same time the excitement and the desire you feel will overshadow pains and disbeliefs. Just start the game, have fun and forget the rest... It's worth a try!

[Image: fairygarden.jpg]

LS Land Issue-28 (Fairy Garden) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-28 (Fairy Garden).rar - 882.1 MB
LS Land Issue-29 (Summer Time)

The summer is coming and our young charming lolitas are getting ready for summer holidays. Undoubtedly, this summer vacation will be unforgettable! The beauty of these captivating girls is developing with ubelievable speed and pretty soon enchanting lolitas will become celestially beautiful little women. We are sure, these little babies will lead you into temptation and you will be sized with passion. Don't restrain yourself! Let your natural needs rule and thus put yourself in the hands of these absolutely wonderful women.

[Image: summertime-lsland.jpg]

LS Land Issue-29 (Summer Time) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-29 (Summer Time).rar - 875.6 MB
LS Land Issue-30 (Light Boxing)

Do you see these little cute girls? Please beware of them.. It only seems that these absolutely adorable girls weak and helpless. Our ladies do not swallow the insult, they are not like that. These little girls will fight back and won't forgive the offense. Fighting for these crazy girls is a norm, boxing is a best way to solve the problem. It seems that ring and boxing rules were made to calm these little fighters down. Little tight bodies are not injured and the opinions are being stood up for. The only thing remains unsolved - who's gonna stop it?

[Image: lightbox.jpg]

LS Land Issue-30 (Light Boxing) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-30 (Light Boxing).rar - 933.4 MB
LS Land Issue-31 (Builders)

You've always thought that builders and other workers covered with building dirt. But look at these young and beuatiful girls? They are real builders, but the aim of their work is not house or building. These little wonderful workers build castles and estates, where a person can spend unforgettable hours full of happiness and joy! Enchanting atmosphere and good nature of these little builders will make you laugh and enjoy every minute of their work! Their work is more like game. Join them and share moments of fun with them.

[Image: buil.jpg]

LS Land Issue-31 (Builders) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-31 (Builders).part1.rar - 1024.0 MB

LS Land Issue-31 (Builders).part2.rar - 151.7 MB
LS Land Issue-32 (Thumbelina)

Once upon a time there lived... - fairy tales always begin from these words. Each story and each tale amused us and gave grounds for our imagination... Do you remember the tale about Thumbelina? This girl was brought up to the world within a beautiful flower with red and golden-colored leaves upon the green velvet stamens. She seemed to be very delicate and graceful. Since she was scarcely half as long as a thumb, she was given a name of "Thumbelina". Can you imagine this little and absolutely adorable creature? Come on over and enter the world of these absolutely wonderful babies.

[Image: thumb.jpg]

LS Land Issue-32 (Thumbelina) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Land Issue-32 (Thumbelina).rar - 1.1 GB

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